Applications for Beverages and Cold Presssed Juices

Keep the Fresh Taste of Homemade Cold Pressed Juices up to 10 times longer shelf life.

Offer to your customers what they are looking for. Real homemade taste. Make fresh, healthy, high quality fruit juices with incredible stability.

HPP Cold Pasteurization allows you to provide Premium quality cold pressed juices using the non-thermal HPP process. The taste is not modified. The colours remain natural. Nutrients are better preserved than with heat treatment.


Premium-quality fresh food – no additives, no chemicals required.

High pressure treatment for fruit and vegetable juices inactivates pathogens and fungi. In addition, this non-thermal process preserves vitamins, flavours and colour pigments. As food is processed in the final packaging, this process makes it possible to achieve maximum hygienic requirements, as post-packaging contamination is not possible. Additives are not used. The product retains its organic qualities.


Smoothies, fruits and cold pressed juices are particularly suitable for HPP cold pasteurization. As the product is not heated, its taste and appearance remain unchanged. Consumers are sensitive to natural, safe and sustainable products. Detoxifying or antioxidant drinks can also be treated with HPP.


The product and its packaging are compressed by approximately 16% at a pressure of 6,000 bar. Flexible vacuum packaging materials or MAP based on PE, PET or EVON are suitable for this process. The air part inside the packaging material (upper) is completely compressed during processing and has no influence on the product or packaging material.


Compared to an untreated sample, bacterias are immediately reduced by the treatment – the product remains stable for 20 days. But can be stored in the refrigerator longer. The results exceed the standards approved by the European health authorities.

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