Food Safety

Bell Pepper

According to the french safety preserved food technic center (CTCPA), HPP process is the most suitable process to preserved fresh ready-to-eat products. Several studies have shown the safety of foods treated with HPP.

The FDA recognizes the use of the process in the processing of fresh products. High Pressure Pasteurization, is a USDA-approved.

German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology approved benchmarks issued about the safety of foods treated with HPP.

Juices and Beverages Application

The Log-5 rule

Under federal law, if you are going to sell juice wholesale (not direct to consumers), you need to process the juice in a way to meet the 5-log pathogen reduction performance standard. In laymen’s terms, you have to kill a bunch of the living stuff inside. The law does not state the method to use to achieve the 5-log reduction. HPP be able to achieve log-5 rules.

Check the Juice Guidance Documents & Regulatory Information on FDA Website