What is Cold Pasteurization HPP ?

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What is Cold Pasteurization HPP Treatment ?

If you asking what is HPP, maybe you will find some answers in this article. But if you really want to know what is HPP Cold Pasteurization, just drink an HPP fresh juice then a classical preserved juice and taste the difference.

High Pressure Cold Pasteurization (HPP) is a method applying high pressure to food efficiently and gently. The method exploits fast cycles and is very secure because all products are treated completely without exception. In addition, it is ecologically pure because no further preserving agents or chemicals are used. The flavouring substances, vitamins and visual nature of the products treated remain almost unaltered.

In reality, HPP is not a Pasteurization but a Pascalization method. HPP stands High Pressure Processing. Anyway, just remember that process is a non-thermal process and it give the same result about pathogenics elimination that pasteurization but better than it, let me explain why.

Extending Shelf Life

The product-preserving with HPP method extends the shelf lives of products and therefore offers potential capacity for new markets and efficient delivery and storage conditions. Food manufacturers all over the world already treat fruit, vegetables and meat products that way.

The method

Though foodstuffs being highly sensitive in their final packages are partly exposed to water pressure of 6,000 bar they appear unaltered after the treatment. But at the cellular level the method does a good job. As water pressure is exerted uniformly from all sides, it also reaches the inside of foodstuffs directly. There, the high pressure influences big molecules and molecular compounds. Many food spoiling organisms and processes are inactivated. Some vegetables and fruit do no longer get brown.

Main Advantages

Flavouring substances and vitamins endure that pressure level without damage, because they are composed of very small molecules. The method is well-proven especially for vegetable / fruit and meat products.

  • Food Safety : Products are processed in their final packaging, no contamination is possible
  • New Premium Market and Easy Logistic : Longer shelf life allows you to reduce costs and develop new markets
  • Outstanding Products : Looks, taste and nutrients are almost fully unchanged
  • Natural and Efficient Process : 100% biological process – no additives are used
  • Environmen-Friendly and Money-Saver : High-pressure preservation is ecological and sustainable.

Make outstanding products !