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What to know about HPP – Cold Pasteurization ?

HPP – Cold Pasteurization technology is pretty new for general audience. Many questions are relevant and justified and many things are good to know about this technology . Let us answer few questions.

Is the water used is recycled ?

HPP machine uses water to apply high hydrostatic pressure on packaged food. It is possible that a small amount of water may be lost during treatment. However, 90% of the water is recycled in each cycle.

Answer : Yes

Does food come into contact with water ?

HPP process is applied only on packaged food. Packaging are strongly hermetics. So, water don’t come into contact with the food.

Answer : No

Can HPP be applied to all foods ?

Resellers will tell you that all is possible. Manufacturers, as you want. But HPP process is mostly dedicated to fresh products containing majority water molecules. That is to say, raw product ready-to-eat like juices, meat, dips and salsas.

Answer : Better for raw food ready-to-eat

How long has this technology been in existence ?

Concept of high pressure for food preservation dates back to the late 1800s when Bert H. Hite studied the effects of pressure on food and microorganisms. Japan was the first country to use the process. The process was born almost at the same time as pasteurization. But HPP was too expensive and poorly controlled to be industrialized.

Answer : More than one hundred years

How safe is the equipment to operate?

Each country has its own regulations. However, all manufacturers are subject to very strict controls by independent bodies. Standards are often extra national. For example, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) certifies each system. ASME inspectors put our HPP equipment through the ringer with rigorous testing, which includes boiler and pressure vessel certification.

Answer : Yes, more than your vacuum

Why can’t we find more products treated with HPP than before ?

Pasteurization and sterilization was the standard until 2000′. Moreover, HPP machine was expensive and final consummer market was small. It takes time to change a market such as agri-food. Investments are often made to last for thirty years. As I write these lines, the game changers and early adopters have already switched to HPP and the market is growing.

Answer : Be patient or be a game changer .

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